Ourselves and our EGO.


More power! More fun!

EGO Sports builds electric motor systems that fit nearly every mountain bike. The EGO-Kit is the  ultimate addition to your bike! Have fun riding up to the start of your downhill trail, ride down as you are used to, or ride along remote trails you have never reached before. And if you don’t have a hill around, just plug in and ride with downhill-speed on your flat hometrail!
Uphill. Downhill. No hill required.

Easy Power – EASY GOING.

2010, after 2 years of development, EGO-Kits were the first on the market with integrated e-power for mountain bikes, quickly revolutionizing the market. With the powerful, multi-faceted mid-drive motor kit, they leave conventional e-bikes and e-bike kits crying in the dust at the bottom of the mountain. In disciplines that demand everything from your bike, dependability and durability are of the highest priority. If it’s the motor setup or the battery – EGO products are proven under the most extreme of conditions.

The first world record of long-distance jump on an electric motor driven bike was done using an EGO-Kit electric motor system.

Electric power on unridden trails…

With the weight and gearing of a downhill bike, you only really have a few options. The shuttle, the cable car – or by foot of course. During MTB tours of the steep Austrian mountains in Salzburg, an idea was born: by putting an ‘E’ in front of ‘GO’, previously unridden trails would become a possibility. With electric power riding off-road, on the flat and even uphill becomes more fun than ever.

In the beginning there was the downhill…

The EGO-Kit takes you to the top of almost any mountain. Up to an 80% incline (40°) with pure engine power (and the right technique), you’ll be able to reach places you never thought you’d take a bike. With lightweight frames and perfect positioning the EGO-Kit provides a unique handling dynamic.

Compatible with around 70% of the bikes on the market, EGO is perfect for your needs. Relax with EGO as you hit the top of your favorite mountain and forget the shuttles as you avoid the crowds.

Fun on your bike…

Behind the brand EGO is a collective of 5 outdoor loving action freaks who have been active in the bike and automotive industry for years. While others where developing bikes to race them, we were designing cars and motorbikes from scratch to BRAAP! EGO-Kits has one mission in mind:

Having fun riding your bike!


Servus beinand!

Mario Preining
CEO / Brand / Product / Rider

Downhiller mit Herz.

Daniel Preining
Development / Hans Dampf / 1st man on EGO

Loves to Design!

Maximilian Baud
Design / Branding / Strategy

Loves to shoot!

Uwe Strasser
Design / Photography

Markus Steinacher
Construction / Design-Modelling