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Do you produce bikes, frames or anything else that could be electrified? EGO-Kits can be easily adapted or integrated and made to fit even the most unusual frame designs. Using 3D – Auto CAD development and prototype construction we can find the best place to install the parts and connect your frame design to your EGO. So nearly any bike can be electrified.



Kits can be mounted onto any frame. By means of various support systems / adapters, custom e-bike solutions can be realized. Whether you desire the built-on under tube integrated DoubleEGO or the RockerEGO directly screwed to the shock absorbers, almost anything is possible!


Also, overall bike concepts as well as bikes requiring a battery on the frame can be realized. In such cases, individual adjustment to the frame and other features can be implemented.


Both 48 volts and 53 volts provide a great deal of power. For more or less coverage, battery options include either a 12.5Ah or 17.5Ah battery. With fast chargers, a recharge takes only about 2 hours.

Kona is the ultimate symbol of mountain biking. Famous for its way of life and for setting the standards in freeride and downhill sports, it now presents the opportunity, with EGO-Kits, to enjoy even more freeriding with the models STAB, STINKY and OPERATOR. At the ISPO Brand New Award 2011 in Munich the “empowered Konas” stole the show with the electric motor system and their own stunning self-crafted stand in order to steel the prize in the Wheeler category. In 2012 EGO-Kits were represented in the finals and as sponsors in the Brand New Village at the ISPO Bike with the electrified Kona freeride bikes

In 1998, the film-series Kranked triggered the trend that was to become freeride. The Northshore- Trails in Canadian British Columbia that appeared in the series, set the tone for all other bike parks to match and as for the lifestyle, it’s still being enjoyed to the max. 2013 saw Kranked in cooperation with Santa Cruz and EGO, lay the path for a new vision of action in the forest.

Coming from Barcelona with a reputation for being pioneers in innovative bike manufacture, the foundations were already laid for exciting cooperation. And especially, as the boss was a successful World Cup Downhill racer. The first electrified MSC bike was the Vendetta eRide.


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