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Dream, build, then ride your ideal bike

Matte, gloss, Glitter? Yes, anything is possible. We help you tell your story by offering engraving, anodizing and any finish you can imagine. Not only do you have complete control over every nut, bolt and component on your bike, but we’ll help you turn it into technical work of art, and we’re amped to get started!

If you can dream it, we can do it. Creating and designing something that has never been done before is a strong motivator for us, be it in the physical design or new technical developments, we’re ready to change mountain biking.


Colossus. Polygon must’ve had this exact bike in mind when they named the bike, as we couldn’t really name it better ourselves.

Our client wanted a reminder of his easy-going holiday in Indonesia, and we thought there would be no better option than with that country’s World Cup winning DH platform, the Colossus.
Check: fully custom parts spec, rocker mounted EGO


YT Capra. Electrified.
Capra aegagrus is the Latin name for a wild goat. Pretty fitting for a bike with this much power.
The suspension layout of the YT Capra is an ideal scenario for mounting our Rocker Ego 3400, where the already strong pivot points are utilized by our custom CNC’d brackets for full transmission of power. The brightest orange anodizing we could manage works well to integrate the EGO Kit into the overall scheme of the bike
Check: Full carbon construction, high-end Fox suspension


Wrecking ball.
The request from our client was simple. He wanted to build his dream bike that rides as well as it looks. This Specialized Demo 8 is dripping with the highest-end components money can buy, sticking an EGO-Kit on the bike was the logical progression. Endless laps are now possible, and he’s going to look good while doing it.
Check: Öhlins coil shock, Trickstuff Direttissima brakes, E-bike specific SRAM EX-1 drivetrain


The Giant (even though it’s a Trek!)
This XL customer desired an XL bike, in every sense of the word. The Trek Session 8.8 in frame size XL was a great starting point, and with the addition of the Rocker-EGO secured to the downtube, it’s ready for XL fun.
Check: 2.6in tyres, stealthy EGO integration

“The Beast”

Kona Entourage. DoubleEGO. To want everything is a lot, but to actually get it is so much more. A removable motor solution with high-quality CNC machined finish was desired. The existing 2-axle system “DoubleEGO” was designed with a 7075 aluminum lightweight construction and anodized in green to match the forest green character of the “Beast”. The standout features on this bike are the Crankbrothers Wheels and custom Brakeforce One stoppers with a brake booster and green fluid. “Made in Germany”.


The opposite of the beast above, this bike shares a similar build, but with a brighter theme. Put them together and you might get some kind of animated love story, but more likely it’ll just be lots of shredding!

Check: Frame and fork finished in pearlescent white, Brakeforce1 brakes with green fluid, custom CNC cranks, Crank Brothers carbon bar, wheels and dropper post, KCNC Ti pedals, quick release DoubleEGO Motor.

“Yellow Flash”

As fast as lightning. Morewood Izimu: When Andreas Kolb (Austrian DH Champion Juniors) outfitted his Morewood Izimu with a removable engine solution, his wish was to race and train with the same bike. No question about it, now he’s even faster! Check: Yellow as lightning, red as Danger!

“Californian Beauty”

Santa Cruz Bronson: Originally built as a show bike for the Las Vegas Interbike trade show, this classy bike has been refined in the Californian town of Santa Cruz with high-quality Canadian parts from RaceFace. It caused quite a stir when shown at the Crankworx Festival in Whistler, Canada, and people were blown away with the combination of a proven bike with extra power. Based on customer request the design in its current state is the first EGO-Bike with 5 HP, and weighs less than 20 kilograms. Check: milled lightweight crank arms and Trickstuff “Cleg” brakes. “Made in Freiburg, Germany”.


MAXX Huraxdax. “We get you out!” Being on site quickly is a necessity for the Berchtesgaden mountain rescue team. Thus a solution was sought for when fog and snow prevent helicopter rescue. For the debris and snowfields around the Königsee and Funtensee, the wide 4.8 Fat-Tires proved to be exactly in their element. Loud cheers erupted in the EGO office when the news of two rescued ski- mountaineers in the field of “Saugasse” around the Watzmann was reported on ORF Radio Salzburg. Check: Fluorescent powder coating from MAXX lights up in the dark, and 203mm brake discs offer security during steep descents. Additionally included are baggage transport, a special mountain gear ratio, and a soft-start throttle for a smooth start on steep terrain.

“Carbo Maiden”

Rocky Mountain Maiden Unlimited. In order to obtain a high-end full carbon “Maiden” bike, another mount was needed, and there was no question that carbon would be the top choice. This was the starting point of collaboration with the Johannes Keppler University Linz “Institute of Polymer Products Engineering”. A weight saving of 60% is gained compared to the stainless steel bracket, which speaks for itself. “Iron Maiden” is good, Carbo-Maiden is even better! Check: BOS suspension system, Reynolds carbon wheel set, Price 18,000 Euro, (Bike only: 13,000 euros).


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