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Smart thinking, but on a bicycle a regen system would be far too heavy and complicated, and would definitely hurt the performance of your bike. Besides….”To brake is to admit defeat!” Additionally, the energy recovered would be very low, making the extra weight and complication even less worth it.

As the center of gravity remains low and central on the bike, the handling stays very close to how the frame manufacturer intended. In most cases, you will even gain stability due to the extra weight and ratio of sprung vs. unpsrung mass. This was one of the main goals during development of the Ego Kit.

Through a “grip-shift”-like throttle on the right side of the handle bar measuring around 3 cm wide.

It is only recommended to use the normal EGO-Kits configuration. One chainring is used to drive the bike from the motor, and another is used to transmit that power to the rear wheel. Mounting a third drive-chainring is not recommended, as there needs to be a protective spacer between both.

Not long. The first time, depending on your technical skills, will take somewhere between one or two hours. The EGO-Kit comes pre-assembled – A few steps and you’re ready to roll. If you want to remove the motor, it’s simply 4 simple bolts to remove the motor, which should take around 10 minutes.

This is the controller (ECU). The controller amplifies the capacity of 1200 Watts up to 2400 Watts.

Keeping the bike light, and the handling active are goals of the EGO-Kit. Putting the battery in the backpack helps us achieve this.

Not really. The lowest point of the kit is the 44T motor-chainring, but the reduction varies depending on your frame/downtube construction. However, instead of rolling the drop, why not gap it?

Almost. As long as there are no suspension elements (pivots, shock mounts) blocking the main area around our mount points, you’re good to go. Please get in touch with us to find out if your bike is compatible.

Yes! Because of the motor-freewheel, you may continue pedalling like normal.

The brushless motor is maintenance-free. Chain, sprocket and chainrings of the drive system just need regular lubing.

No, with the throttle control coupled with the motor freewheel, you can keep the pedals still while climbing. This allows you to concentrate on your line and negates the possibility of pedal strikes.

Yes! You can order your EGO-Kit with a special chain retention system.

Sure. The system is sealed against moisture, so splashing water and rain is no problem. Please do not use pressure washers on the motor, nor submerge the bike!

In general, yes. But through our testing, we reach a conclusion for the best ratio to run which your bike will be delivered with.


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