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I love my EGO! - Brett Tippie

Integrated electric power for downhill-fun on your uphill-run.

Pioneering e-powered mountain bikes since 2008

Brett Tippie

Braaaaap. What a fun machine! A new era of bikesports.

Brett Tippie

Markus Pekoll

What a great tool for downhill training.

Markus Pekoll

Tom Öhler

Going uphill is a trial challenge now.

Tom Öhler

Boris Tetzlaff

Incredible fast!

Boris Tetzlaff

Guido Thaler

An amazing fun combination of power and skill training.

Guido Thaler

Mario Preining

It is the combination of my favourite bike disciplines. Downhill, freeride, trial and motoX.

Mario Preining

„Einfach mal den Trail in die andere Richtung fahren – und dabei genau so viel Spaß haben.“

mtb-news (01/2015)

„EGO-Kits electric assist opens up backcountry to downhill riders.“

Bicycle Retailer, Show Daily Las Vegas (11/2011)

„Der EGO-Kit Elektromotor zum Nachrüsten peitscht schwere Freerider mit Topspeed bergauf!“

Bike (7/2011)

„Für uns ist der EGO-Kit bisher der interessanteste E-Antrieb für Freerider.”

Freeride Magazin (3/2011)

„..mounted on a mountain bike, it looks cooler than other, more pedestrian electric bikes.“

Pinkbike (01/2011)

„Ego-Kits declares victory over nature!“

Engadget (01/2011)

既存のMTBを電動化! 後付け自転車アシストモーター、「EGO KIT」

GQ Japan (01/2011):


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German Design Award – the international premium prize of the
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BIKE EXPO Munich: a springboard award for newcomer.

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