reasons for the ego kit

1000m (3280ft) uphill …with minimal assisted pedaling,
70km/h (43mph)…depending on your bike setup,
1.5h charge …with upgradeable charger,
1200 W (2400W maximum)
EGO is performance and will move you up almost any mountain. With the right skills and surface, you can master inclines beyond 40°. This is just the beginning, with steeper inclines possible just by assisting the motor by pedalling.

EGO‘s lightweight dimension makes your riding performance as strong and resilient as ever. Compatible with 70% of bikes on the market, EGO gets you up mountains and will replace your gas guzzling shuttle. Use your EGO to intensify your extreme riding potential. The EGO-kit is for all types of riders and abilities. You control your level of fitness! You control your ride!

  • EGO Kits fit your average bike
  • EGO-kits maintain many of the handling characteristics of your bike
  • EGO-kits allow you to maximize your mountain biking trips
  • EGO-kits gives you independence from the chairlifts and the shuttles
  • EGO-Kits simplify the lives of free-ride and downhill riders!

EGO-Kit Performance
(approximate values, depending on rider’s weight, bike setup, conditions and effort)

  • 1000 m of vertical climbing (3280 ft.) …with minimal assistance
  • 70 km/h vmax (43 mph) …depending on your bike setup
  • Up to 40 km travel (25 miles)
  • 1.5h charging time …with upgradeable charger
  • masters up to 80% incline (approx. 38°) with practice and ideal conditions
  • nominal power 1200 W, 2500 W maximum
  • motor weight 3.2 kg (7.05 lbs), total set on bike about 5.5 kg (12.12 lbs)
  • battery weight in backpack 4.6 kg (10.14 lbs)
  • Center pedal assist motor concept and low center of gravity maintains the original handling characteristics of your bike
  • The EGO-kit does not alter the response of the suspension
  • Unlike hub mounted motors, go ahead and take your EGO off of drops and jumps.

EGO in action


3 modes of operation

  • Continuous throttle control in open mode without pedaling
  • Pedal assist with continuous throttle control
  • Pedaling without motor resistance

Get your bike an EGO boost !

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